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A well placed source tells me that Judge Watson issued his ruling on the Mateel request for a preliminary injunction today.

He ruled against the injunction, which would apparently mean that Reggae Rising can now move forward unencumbered.

Details as they become available…

As promised, some details. I got a call a few minutes ago from Mateel E.D. Taunya Stapp. She was not happy about this post, in part because she learned that the judge ruled against the Mateel, but also because she feels I overstated things, first by omitting the word preliminary in my description of the injunction (correction made) and second by suggesting that Tom Dimmick and People Productions are now “unencumbered.” (For what it’s worth, I did waffle a bit by saying “apparently.”) As she pointed out, the ruling does not decide any of the issues brought up. She suggested I call the Mateel’s attorney, Bill Bragg, to have him explain what this means.
I did.
He had not seen the ruling yet, which, he explained, has to do with when his people check the mailbox at the courthouse. Dimmick’s lawyers picked up the ruling earlier in the day.
To quote Mr. Bragg regarding what it means: “It’s as clear as mud. It does not resolve any of the sustentative issues.
“If the preliminary injunction was denied, the case remains open.”
Bragg and Stapp both figure the focus may now shift to the permit. As I pointed out to Taunya, it seemed pretty clear at the first hearing that the Planning Commission does not want to make the decision about who gets to put on Reggae, nevertheless the Mateel side was adamant in stating that the permit is in their name.
Taunya contends that Reggae Rising would have to get its own permit.
Bragg agreed that the Planning Dept. does not want to rule on the question, but, he said, the Mateel could force the issue by suing the county to make them decide.
As Tanya put it, “Now we’re going to have to play hardball.”



  1. hopefully they will make details available soon so we can all make our big decisions. some will choose not to attend the event that was “hijacked” by people productions, while some will attend regardless of who produces the event… hopefully, if this is the final decision, ROTR will announce it’s loss and let us know to get tickets for the other event…. of course even if they lose this round and can not produce this years event, that doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying….. karma has a way of coming around full circle and i’m sure in the end the folks who screwed this all up for the rest of us will get their payback…….


  2. You clearly don’t have the facts…My question to you is do you ever work the show and if so in what capacity?? How can you accuse Carol Bruno of hijacking the event that she really is ultimately responsible for starting and developing into the world class event it was yesterday…please give me a break. Stephen Marley said, “they may own the name but they don’t own the spirit”…. Have you ever given any thought to the fact that the reason the event is and has been so successful is because of the people who produce the event. finally you accuse people prod for “hijacking” the event. Can you explain to me how $342K this year to pay off Boots (which means the mateel makes $300K for 2007, because they keep the $300K Boots gave them, then $240K a year for the remainder of the lease. That amounts to over 2.2 Million over the next 9 years, more money than the mateel has ever made in the history of the event. Do you have an explanation from a business point of view, why and how that is not a good deal for the community or the community center. they would basically have to do nothing for that money. Now they really have nothing.. Do you still feel the board and the director are leading this community center down the right path?? Come on, step back and just look it from a business standpoint. More money than they ever made in the 23 year history of the event, and they wanted more…please,,,it’s time to see the light, no one was hijacking an event except the board and executive director of the mateel. People and Tom, wanted to make sure an event happened for this community and the non profits of this community, that included the mateel, they weren’t and aren’t interested……..


  3. apparently bob did not post my response to your post….. not sure why as nothin in it was slanderous…. but his blog, his rules, i guess…. anyways yes many people feel this event has been hijacked….. no i did not ever work the festival (which is not relevant to the issue)…. clearly you have chosen your side and will defend it…. that is your right to choose….. i just disagree with you….. the question comes down to 1 thing…… are you willing to sell something you did not ever want to sell? if i offered 2 million dollars for your prized possession (whatever that may be)…. and that is way more than it will ever be worth….. would you sell it just cuz it’s alot of money at hand? even though you never had intention of selling it? if your answer is yes to that question, then you are an example of what is wrong with this country….. the almighty dollar running your life………………. peace and blessings regardless of your opinion……..


  4. well i try to respond, but Bob doesn’t like what i post apparently…… oh well his blog, his rules……..


  5. sorry Mr. Check,

    It’s just the nature of a comment moderation system in combination with a massive amount of e-mail coming in. Your comment was overlooked, not rejected.
    I’ll be honest, I don’t mind the fact that people have been continuing the anon duel over all this at Eric’s. At the risk of drawing flames, I’d say most of the back and forth is a tiresome rehash of old arguments — tending to a forum for it takes a lot of time and energy. BTW, I’m glad to see you understand the my blog/my rules concept.


  6. it’s all good bob, thanks for hosting this blog so there is a forum to state opinions on…. and i fully understand the nature of having an overwhelming amount of responses to deal with…. thanks again bob!


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