reggae letter

this mysterious note came to the newspaper via e-mail:

Reggae and psychedelic music and culture is manifest destiny for western civilization for the next 2000 years based on modern science and ancient history. The Humboldt Mendocino line symbolically represents the hippies, flower power, back to the land and there we find the reggae festival, where the main symbol is the lion.

The age we are in is a scientific fact based on PRECESSION of the equinoxes and it changes about every 2000 years. The position of the constellations on the equinoxes shows this, but what does it mean? In Egyptian hieroglyphics, we find written the lord’s prayer which includes the phrase “on earth as it is in heaven.” They were certainly referring to “the heavens” or the stars. They believed that the spirituality on the earth was symbolised in the stars on the equinoxes.

Even into medieval times great cathedrals were built in Europe so that the sunrise on the equinox would shine down the nave onto the altar. Several thousand years ago the supreme being of western civilization was Amen, the hidden one, who had a ram’s head. It was the age of aries the ram, and pharoahs who had names like AMENhotep and TutankhAMEN (king tut) were considered incarnations of god on earth. Do Christians today know what they say in the word Amen? I don’t think so.

Jesus and Mary have certainly dominated the spiritual iconography of the west, and what scientific age have we been in for the last 2000 years? The age of pisces and its opposite virgo- the fish represents Jesus and christianity, and the virgin represents Mary. Before the arian age was the taurean age. Ever see a picture of a bull on a cave wall? Why do today’s 20 year old kids have pictures of Bob Marley and Jerry Garcia on their walls? It could best be called cosmic manifest destiny.

The lyrics of the psychedelic and reggae music genres are like the bible of the new age of aquarius leo, and Bob Marley (b. Feb 6 aquarius) and Jerry Garcia (b. Aug. 1 leo) are like prophets, despite their faults. California sets the trends, we are at the farthest west point of the state, the psychedelic (aquarius) culture moved here after the 60’s, and now there is this giant reggae (leo) thing here.

The ancient Egyptians moved their capitols around because geomancy showed them where the power was. The fish are dying and mountain lion attacks are increasing. The lord works in mysterious ways.

M. W. Randall Arcata, CA


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