PP and hospital reach agreement

This just in from PP (no time to comment)

People Productions and Jerald Phelps Hospital Reach an Equitable Agreement

People Productions and the Jerald Phelps Hospital are pleased to announce that they have reached an agreement regarding losses incurred to the hospital E.R. during the 07 Reggae Rising weekend. People Productions made a $3000 contribution to them this week and will give the hospital another $3000 prior to this year’s event to cover added staffing costs. “They have also generously offered us a booth, and help in staffing the booth, something we gratefully accept when we are awaiting a 10% state reduction in our reimbursement funding,” said board president Stephen Bowen. “This is not the $12,000 a year average loss for Reggae weekend” continued Bowen, “but further consideration of the patients responsibility added to our improved ability to collect bad debts and we are satisfied! If later we find we were wrong, we now have a dialogue and we can readdress the situation .Thank you to People Productions, for being the one and only group to address this situation. We wish them well in their venture! Thanks to you and the board for your hard work, to insure a fair resolution to all concerned.”

David Moss of the Reggae Rising Operations Team added, “We are very happy that we have come to an agreement with the hospital. We have always strived towards a good working relationship with the hospital and never intended to cause them extra expense or burden. We look forward to moving forward and continuing to work together with the hospital to make the weekend run as smooth as possible. We value the service the hospital provides to our community and we value a good strong working relationship”


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