Reggae on the River deemed success, will continue in ’09

by Cristina Bauss

by Cristina Bauss

By all accounts I’ve heard, Reggae on the River at Benbow was a great party. The Journal sent a correspondent who said as much in a review that will run in our next edition. Cristana said she had a great time too and wrote about it in her Nocturnal Nomad blog.  (I borrowed the photo from her without asking- thanks Cristina!)

Apparently the Mateel made some money, and as a result, they’re already announcing the return:

From: Mateel Community Center

Reggae On The River Is Back For 2009 & Beyond

In the wake of a very successful revival of Reggae on the River, held July 19 as a single day rising from the ashes event at Benbow Lake State Recreation Area in Southern Humboldt, the Mateel Community Center is happy to announce that this beloved local tradition is back and will continue to be synonymous with the center’s offerings for years to come.  Although the date and venue for 2009 are still undetermined, plans are already in the works to continue rebuilding this community fundraiser and this year’s event was a beautiful start.

Blessed with perfect weather and a back to the roots vibe, Reggae on the River 2008 was a very special celebration that brought together local families and longtime fans for some great reggae music and a whole lot of healing energy.  Both a financial and spiritual success, the festival will play an important role in stabilizing the community center’s finances, enabling the next 6 months of operations and setting the stage for the continuation of the great Reggae On The River tradition.

Stay posted to for 2009 festival updates, which will be coming soon.  For more information, call (707) 923-3368 and make plans now to join the Mateel Community Center and continue your Reggae On The River experience for 2009 and beyond.



  1. Wow that’s definately an “Older” crowd. Love the lawn chairs. Now that’s a first. Never in all my years of attending has the crowd been so mature as to need chairs.


  2. I am bringing my middle-aged mom. It reminds her of her hippie past and the music festivals she went to. It is an awesome experience for any age!


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